Empowering YOU to find a balanced, healthy & sustainable lifestyle


My Mission

It is my hope to empower all my clients to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle so they can have the energy to keep up with their daily obligations and gain confidence in themselves and their bodies.

My Joy

I am thrilled to have you here and that you have taken the first steps towards prioritizing your health.  I am so excited to have the privilege of walking along side you through your health journey!


Meet Krsisten


I love empowering women to find balance and acheive their health and wellness goals through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®! Learn more about my journey as a certified coach .

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Eat the RIGHT food, at the RIGHT times, for the RIGHT reasons.

In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® we empower you to learn whole food nutrition, implement cutting edge strategies for advanced fat loss and enjoy balance in your life. I would love to be your coach in the next round of this impactful online bootcamp.


Get Started!

No matter where you are at in your wellness journey today is always a good day to get started. If you aren’t sure about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss I completely understand. I have created a FREE resource if you would like to get your feet wet without the commitment. Enjoy my 10 Tips for Motivation