Monday Recipe 2/20/19

Monday Recipe


Photo and recipe credit: @glutenfreedaddyblog .⠀

White Chicken Chili

These last two weeks have truly been the busiest I have had in a long time. Leaving town for 5 days with little to no time for work has put me in catch up mode.⠀

So... this week's #mondayrecipe is going to be on Wednesday. What can I say?⠀

If you are new here, typically each Monday I post a link to a favorite old or new recipe by a #foodblogger that perfectly fits the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® food cycle. And, not only is this recipe perfect for a Regular Macro day, but I'm actually making it today! It's chilly outside, so a great warm chili is going to hit the spot! AND... we are driving kids in all directions this evening, so I need something to prepare ahead of time.⠀