Monday Recipe 4/15

Monday Recipe


Egg Roll in a Bowl

I always want to start off Monday with a great recipe for you to consider each week. And, I try to be intentional about not repeating over and over again... but sometimes I eat certain meals over and over again! I posted this a few weeks ago, but really feel like I didn't give it proper attention.

Egg roll in a bowl has become a favorite of mine recently. It's SO flexible, SO yummy and SO SO easy! 40 Aprons recipe is Whole30 compliant, so perfect for my clients Low carb day. But this one is SO flexible. Switch out the meat, so far I've made it with ground pork and ground turkey. Use Trader Joe’s Sriracha Ranch instead of making the Creamy Chili Sauce.. Not totally 100% clean, and plenty of clients tell me the sauce is super easy to make. Add Cauliflower rice or a green veggie for more substance, or regular rice if you are Carb Cycling.

Pro tip I recently learned: Keep your ginger root in your freezer. It makes is SO much easier to zest/grate!.