Monday Recipe 6/3

Monday Recipe

one skillet taco dish.jpg

One Pan Taco Skillet Dinner

I love trying new recipes. And I love finding new-to-me food bloggers. Friends… this one is a WINNER.

It’s not a new trend or fad that Taco Salad is an awesome and easy meal for anyone looking for a Low Carb dinner. I make a version of it often for Low Carb days in the FASTer Way food cycle. And, I love any recipe whose title has “one pan” in it!

So I have it a try. And, I actually assumed I knew the ingredients and never even looked at it until it was time to make dinner. UUMMMM… SHOCKER. And a good one! There’s veggies in here. Lots of them! And it just keeps getting better because my pickier eater gobbled this up like any other taco salad and/or skillet dinner.


Next time you have a craving for tacos and you’re aiming to stay Low Carb… you MUST give this a try!