Monday Recipe 6/10

Monday Recipe


Enchilada Chicken Roll-ups

I get asked all the time how do I carb cycle and cook for my family. Especially from busy working parents that just do not have the time to make separate meals for their kids, and for sure not a third one for themselves. Just because you might have a food cycle lifestyle, doesn't mean you have to be slaving away in the kitchen.

This Monday's recipe is a SIMPLE and amazing Low Carb dish from Skinny Taste, and a staple on the rotation for my family. Sometimes I even prep it first thing in the morning and then just stick it in the oven at the end of the day. They have no idea that we usually only have it on my Low Carb day. The easiest way to modify this recipe, is DON'T put any cheese on the inside of the chicken if you are dairy free (which I hope includes all of my clients!). Then, I make a side of brown rice for the rest of the family and drizzled the sauce on top of the rice. For myself, I got an extra serving of whatever green veggie is on the menu!!

I don't think young children should carb cycle, so I always make sure to add a healthy carb for them at dinner.

OR in the FASTer Way, ... Just make this dish on a Regular Macro day and enjoy the carbs with your family!