Monday Recipe 6/17

Monday Recipe



This has quickly become a favorite sauce for me, and I almost always have a small jar in my fridge. It is such a great addition to grilled meat and/or vegetables. It’s PERFECT for the summer grilling season.

I was privileged to attend a private cooking class of Marcia Smart's for friend's birthday last fall. We learned SO many great tips and tricks as well as enjoyed an amazing meal together in Marcia's home. I hope to get to do that again!

I love to recommend this to my clients who are struggling with adding in additional healthy fats on Low Carb days. Not all of us want to eat bun-less hamburgers and bacon all the time... shocking, I know. And, surely don't tell my daughter because bacon is her FAV. This is fresh and adds so much flavor to your meal, but also full of healthy fat. And, as always make sure and use a HIGH QUALITY olive oil.