Monday Recipe 7/1

Monday Recipe



There’s a holiday this week… anyone know about it? Ha! We get to celebrate the birth of the United States of America every year of the 4th of July. Thankfully, we embrace and celebrate the freedoms from living in this country each and every day. Hopefully we are all grateful more days than just this Thursday!

Because the 4th of July is in the summer, most people have BBQs, swim parties, cookouts, etc. And, with those types of events usually a lot of cocktails are involved. There are times where I will be intentional and CHOOSE to have the cocktails during holidays like the 4th of July. But, there are other times where it’s just not worth it to me. How I will feel the next day, how I know it will affect what I am trying to do with my nutrition. So, for those days… I make Mocktails! And, what better type of mocktail, than one where we can use the based of a great Kombucha. Just be careful when selecting your Kombucha… some brands have a ridiculous amount of added sugar.

Check out this collection of mocktails recipes from Thriving on Paleo. I actually purchased a few new (new to me) Kombuchas to try this week! I have started to really crush on the local Austin Kombucha, Buddha’s Brew.