Monday Recipe 8/19

Monday Recipe


Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

It’s that time of year. So many of us and setting back into a routine after summer travel. The longer I coach the more I have come to realize summer travel and the need for a fall schedule is the same whether you have school age children or not.

For me, finding routine also means utilizing my collection of favorite crock pot meals. Food you can prep in the morning very quickly, and then is ready whenever members of the family are needing dinner. We are now at a stage where quite often my children might eat dinner at different times during the week. I don’t love this situation, but it’s our current reality.

Typically when I think of crock pot meals, I think of pot roast, stews, etc.. for those cold nights. But, let’s be real… we have 4-5 more months before we have a cold night here in Houston!

That’s where this recipe comes in! It’s crockpot easy, but light enough to be considered a summer meal too. it’s a winner for everyone in my family. And, I change how I serve the Buffalo Chicken based upon where I am in the FASTer Way food cycle. Lettuce wraps, loaded sweet potato, gluten free tortillas, etc.. So many amazing options!