Monday Recipe 9/9

Monday Recipe


Instant Pumpkin Ice Cream

September. It’s such a confusing time for those of us in the south and sub-tropics. The rest of the country is starting to wear jeans and long sleeves. Starbucks has released the famous ‘PSL’. But we’re down here sweating our booties off in full humidity and trying to pretend it’s not 100 degrees and fall is here. But, we kid ourselves EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

And, the weather is so unkind. First - It’s still hurricane season. Second - we usually get a crisp cool week in early October. But.. don’t worry, by Halloween we will all be sweating again.

It is NO secret that I love a good smoothie bowl. Daily. So, this “ice cream” is perfect for this time of year. Enjoying the fall tastes of pumpkin, but yet it’s not a hot drink that will make us sweat more than we already are. .

It’s clean, simple and quick. My three favorite ways to cook or bake. You can get creative with your toppings as well! I love to always add some chia seeds, cacao nibs, or granola to my smoothie bowls. I also like to add Collagen Peptides to this recipe to ensure I get some protein as well.

Modifications? If you don’t want a lot of fat, swap out the coconut milk for unsweetened coconut or almond milk. Maybe reduce the maple syrup if you don’t need the sweet.

ENJOY and Stay Cool this fall!