Monday Recipe 9/30

Monday Recipe


Vegetable Fritters

Vegetables. We all need more of them. Even those of us who “eat healthy”. This recipe is 100% clean, and for those of you living the FASTer Way, this is perfect for a Regular Macro Day! And, it’s vegan, but full of plant based protein.

The veggies in this recipe are interchangeable, basically you can use whatever you have on hand. Or, in my case, whatever needs to be eaten before it goes bad. All you need to do it keep chickpea flour in your pantry. Pretty simple, right?

I would expect they would also freeze well, but they have actually never lasted long enough to freeze. And, yes, that means my kids love them too!

This recipe by Willow Moon of Create Mindfully is filled with nutrients, easy to prepare and flexible… which fits perfectly into my family’s lifestyle. Her site is full of great vegan and vegetarian options, so let me know if you find other recipes worth trying!