Balanced HFIT Crew is….

a community of FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coaches led by Kristen Hillman. We are passionate and driven about the FASTer Way lifestyle and feel it is our responsibility to tell the world that there is a better way to health and fitness!

Are you interested in partnering with me to create your own health and wellness business? Do you love the FASTer Way so much you want to lead your own groups?   Are you in the wellness industry and looking to expand your reach?

Once you begin your first round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss® with me as your coach, you will be eligible to attend the next Coach Recruitment event! They are only a few times a year, so you want to make sure and get on the list even if you are

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is so effective that the coach community is comprised of women like me, that just want to spread the word, but also Registered Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctors, health coaches, and personal trainers have become certified to coach their own groups through the FASTer Way Program.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call where will discuss the AMAZING opportunities available to you and how I can help you begin or take your health and wellness journey to the next level!


The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is different

We’re not about fad diets and quick fixes.  We’re about getting results through solid fitness and nutrition strategies based on the science of how our bodies work.  So when people have tried the fads and fixes without the results they want, they turn to us.


You’ve experienced the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® so you know it’s the best program on the market for losing fat and getting fit.  You’ve raved about it to your family and friends and they all want to know your “secret.”  Now it’s time to tell them!

Imagine helping your clients break through plateaus and push past limits, so they can finally reach their goals and be the fittest they’ve ever been.  

Imagine the lives you’ll change by teaching proven fitness and nutrition strategies that not only work better than anything else, but that clients can sustain long-term for lasting results.

Imagine earning significant income doing what you love, making it possible to give back even more to family, church and community.

Imagine yourself as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss® certified coach!  This training won’t just prepare you to coach clients, you’ll receive a “business in a box” with outlines, strategies, digital assets and a private online community where you can ask questions plus give and receive support of other certified coaches.