Balanced Health & Fitness  -  Refer a Friend 


I created Balanced Health & Fitness to become a nutrition and fitness coach because I could not help but tell anyone that would listen about the amazing program I found that helped me achieve my goals, and continues to as I set new goals!   I truly believed it would be selfish for me to NOT share a healthier way to live.

The same goes for you.  You and your loved ones NEED my programs.  It would be selfish for you to not share it with those that you love.   And, why not get a little extra fun money in the process?

Q:   What is the Program?
A:   A simple way for YOU to spread the word of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program run by Balanced Health & Fitness.   For each new registered client you will receive a monetary gift by Balanced Health & Fitness.  That's it!  Nothing more. 

Once you have gone through at least three weeks in a program with me, I invite each client to participate. You can use this as a vehicle to pay for your next round as your friends & family begin to notice the physical and NON-physical changes happening to you.  OR, you can use this program paired with your existing social media presence to actually generate a decent amount of fees on a monthly basis!  If you have enjoyed working with me - it PAYS to spread the word!