Thank you so much for inquiring about VIP Membership!
You are here because:

  • You have loved completing two FASTer Way to Fat Loss® programs
  • You loved what you learned with me previously
  • You want to make this a LIFESTYLE and learn how to incorporate Balanced Health & Fitness into every day life without just being in "another program"
  • You want to CONTINUE to get results while living life and all that it brings
  • You want LONG TERM accountability, support, trainings, and new workouts

What do you get in the Balanced Health & Fitness Community?

  • New Workouts Each Month

  • Long Term Daily Accountability And Check-In's

  • Monthly Theme On Health And Wellness Topics

  • Monthly Mentor To Provide Education On Our Theme

  • Live Group Calls

  • Me, As Your Personal Trainer

The Balanced Health & Fitness VIP Community is just that! 

In this community group, I let my clients choose to follow the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® carb cycling/intermittent fasting approach OR "if it fits your macros" (IIFYM) approach to balanced lifestyle! This is NOT just a quick fix, but about a LONG TERM lifestyle that works. 

The Balanced Health & Fitness Community is a membership style group where you will be a part of an online community of women living this lifestyle. When accountability is threaded with support, you are more likely to succeed at making healthy decisions throughout all areas of your life. 

Once you register through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, you will be billed monthly on that same day. 

Open enrollment is always the last week of the month for the following month. Get all of this for ONLY $99/month.